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Court Marriage Procedure in Thane

As a resident of Thane, you may have considered a court marriage as an alternative to a traditional wedding ceremony. A court marriage is a simple legal procedure to register your marriage. While the process is straightforward, there are a few steps to keep in mind to ensure your court marriage in Thane is hassle-free. This guide will walk you through the required documentation, fees, and step-by-step process to obtain a marriage certificate through the court.

By following the Court Marriage Procedure in Thane outlined here, you and your partner can embark on your new journey of marriage with confidence, knowing you have fulfilled all the necessary legal formalities as per the Special Marriage Act, 1954. A court marriage may not have the pomp and circumstance of a traditional Indian wedding, but it allows you to declare your commitment to one another in a simple, dignified manner.

Documents Needed for Court Marriage Procedure in Thane

To register for a court marriage in Thane, you will need to submit certain documents as part of the application process.

Proof of age: Submit age proof documents like birth certificates, school leaving certificates, etc. for both parties. The minimum age for marriage in India is 21 years for males and 18 years for females.
Proof of identity: Submit identity proof documents such as Aadhaar cards, PAN cards, passports, etc. for both parties.
Proof of marital status: Submit relevant documents such as divorce decrees or death certificates of previous spouses (if applicable) to prove current marital status.
Residence proof: Submit address proof documents such as Aadhaar cards, passports, utility bills, rental agreements, etc. to prove residence.
Declaration form: Both parties must sign a declaration stating that they are not related to each other within the prohibited degree of relationship and that they are fit for marriage.
Witness: Bring two witnesses along with their ID proofs to sign the marriage registration documents.
By providing the necessary documentation and following the outlined steps, you can successfully register for a court marriage in Thane. Best of luck!

Age Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a court marriage procedure in Thane, you and your partner must meet certain age requirements and criteria.

• Both parties must be over 21 years of age to register for a court marriage in Thane. If either party is under 21, you will need to obtain consent from your parents or legal guardians.
• You and your partner must not be close blood relatives. Marriage between certain close blood relatives like siblings, parents-children, uncles-nieces, and aunts-nephews are prohibited. More distant blood relatives may be allowed to marry, but will require additional paperwork.
• Neither party can be currently married to another person. You will need to provide documentation proving you are single, divorced or widowed.
• Residency requirements stipulate that at least one of the parties must be a resident of Thane for at least 15 days prior to applying for a court marriage. Proof of address like rental agreements, utility bills, or voter ID cards will need to be provided.
• Required documents for both parties include age proof, address proof, marital status proof, and 2 passport size photographs. Additional documents may apply based on your unique situation.
• A marriage counselor may interview the couple to determine if they are marrying of their own free will. The counselor will then provide a certificate of fitness for the marriage.

If you meet the above criteria, you are eligible to apply for a court marriage in Thane. The next step is to submit your application at the Thane Family Court.

Notice of Intention to Marry

To officially register your intention to marry, you and your partner must submit a Notice of Intention to Marry to the Marriage Registrar’s office.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to marry, you and your partner must:

Be over 21 years of age. Minors require parental consent.
Not be close blood relatives.
Be of sound mind.
Not be currently married to someone else.

Required Documents

You will need to provide the following documents:

Proof of age (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
Proof of identity (Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, etc.)
Proof of residence (utility bills, rental agreement, etc. issued within the last 3 months)
Death certificate of spouse (if either party is a widow/widower)
Divorce decree (if either party is divorced)

Notice Submission

You and your partner must submit the Notice of Intention to Marry in person at the Marriage Registrar’s office in your area of residence. The notice includes details like your name, age, occupation, address, marital status, and the date/location of your intended wedding ceremony.

Waiting Period

There is a 30-day waiting period after submitting the notice before the actual marriage ceremony can take place. This is to allow for any objections to the union to be raised. If no objections are received after 30 days, you will receive a confirmation of the notice from the Marriage Registrar, allowing you to proceed with the wedding.
The notice of intention to marry is a mandatory legal requirement to register your marriage in Thane. Following the proper procedures and submitting the necessary documentation will ensure there are no delays or issues in registering your marriage.

The Court Marriage Procedure at the District Court in Thane

To legally solemnize your marriage in Thane, you will need to follow the court marriage procedure at the District Court.


To apply for a court marriage in Thane, you will need:

Proof of age (birth certificate)
Proof of identity (Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport)
Proof of residence (Aadhaar card, utility bills)
Affidavits stating the date of birth, marital status, and nationality of both parties
2 passport-size photographs of both parties


1. Submit an application for marriage registration at the District Court in Thane. You will have to provide the necessary documents as mentioned above.
2. Your application will be reviewed by the Marriage Registrar. If approved, a date for the marriage will be fixed by the court.
3. On the scheduled date, both parties have to be present at the court along with 3 witnesses (who must have valid ID proofs).
4. The Marriage Registrar will verify the details provided in the application and documents. Once verified, the Registrar will perform the marriage and issue a marriage certificate.
5. The marriage certificate issued by the court is legally valid and serves as proof of your marriage.
To conclude, following the outlined court marriage procedure at the District Court in Thane and providing the necessary documentation will help you legally solemnize your marriage. The marriage certificate issued by the court will serve as evidence of your marital union.


With the necessary documents in hand and witnesses by your side, you are now ready to embark on this new chapter of your life. A court marriage procedure in Thane is a straightforward process if you follow each step carefully. While the legal procedure may seem daunting, staying organized and giving yourself enough time will help ensure everything goes smoothly. Once you have completed your court marriage, you can celebrate this joyous occasion with friends and family. This guide has outlined everything you need to know to have a simple court marriage in Thane. Best of luck to you and your partner on this exciting new journey together.

One Day Marriage Registration in Thane


One Day Marriage Registration or Same Day Marriage is a wedding ceremony performed within the time span of one day. It may or may not involve any other wedding rituals other than the wedding ceremony itself which can be performed in both a solemnized wedding ritual way or through a court marriage.
However, the court marriage ceremony will need time for application and other procedures, thereby One Day Marriage Registration is preferable for those having time in their hands before getting married but want a simple and hassle-free marriage.

What is One Day Marriage Registration in Thane?

Couples who have already gotten married through a religious ceremony, like the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, do not always get themselves registered in the Indian Court of Law for Marriage a long time after the ceremony, or until necessary.
This is because, as per the government of India, if one decides to get married through a religious ceremony under the Hindu Marriage Act, it is not necessary for them to register their marriage and obtain a marriage certificate.
However, there are certain legal procedures that might need married couples to register their marriage and obtain a marriage certificate. This is when people usually opt for Urgent Marriage Registration like our service offering for One Day Marriage Registration in Thane.
This One Day Marriage Registration in Thane includes the registration procedure of an already established marriage. In cases of urgency, certificate of marriage can also be obtained at a much faster rate than usual post the registration of marriage.

The Rights and Obligations of Parties to a Court Marriage

The privileges and responsibilities of individuals involved in a court marriage in Thane are equivalent to those of any other married couple. They share the duty of ensuring the well-being of their marriage and family. It is obligatory for both parties to provide financial support for their family and fulfil the obligations associated with marriage.
The parties engaged in a court marriage have the freedom to reside together as a married couple. They possess the authority to establish agreements with one another and jointly own property. Additionally, they have the option to adopt children jointly.
The parties participating in a court marriage are subjected to the same divorce regulations as any other married couple. If they decide to end their marriage, they must undergo the legal procedure.

Penalties for Fabricating False Evidence or Deceiving the Court

Engaging in the fabrication of false evidence or intentionally misleading the court during a court marriage case can result in various penalties, which may include fines and/or imprisonment. The severity of the punishment will be determined based on the gravity of the offense. If found guilty of perjury, which involves lying under oath, an individual may face imprisonment for a maximum duration of 7 years.
Engaging in the creation of false evidence or providing misleading information to the court carries significant repercussions. It can cause delays or even hinder the process of a couple's marriage. Moreover, it can result in the establishment of a criminal record. Hence, it is crucial to maintain honesty and transparency by truthfully disclosing all relevant information to the court in a court marriage case.

Future Trends and Promising Prospects for Court Marriages

1. Increasing Acceptance:
As more people become aware of the benefits associated with court marriages, societal attitudes are shifting, eliminating the stigma that may have been associated with them in the past. This trend is expected to continue, leading to greater social acceptance and a broader understanding of court marriages.
2. Technological Advancements:
Future trends for court marriages involve the integration of technology to streamline the process even further. Online platforms and digital documentation are likely to become more prevalent, simplifying the paperwork and administrative tasks involved in court marriages. This technological shift will enhance convenience and accessibility, allowing couples to complete the process remotely and with greater ease.
3. Customization and Personalization:
Couples are seeking unique and meaningful ways to celebrate their unions, even within the court marriage framework. Future prospects for court marriages involve providing couples with options to personalize their ceremonies, incorporating elements that reflect their personalities, cultures, and values.
4. Cross-Cultural and Interfaith Marriages:
With increased globalization and cultural diversity, court marriages are becoming a popular choice for cross-cultural and interfaith couples. These unions often require legal recognition that transcends traditional cultural and religious boundaries.
Court marriages provide a neutral and inclusive platform for couples to formalize their relationships, regardless of their backgrounds. The future will likely witness an upswing in the number of court marriages among such couples, fostering greater harmony and understanding across diverse communities.
5. Simplified International Marriages:
As globalization continues to connect people across borders, court marriages offer a practical solution for international couples. In the future, we can expect further simplification and standardization of legal procedures for court marriages involving individuals from different countries. This trend will help remove complexities and ensure smoother processes for couples navigating the intricacies of international marriage laws.
6. Enhanced Legal Protections:
Future prospects for court marriages include enhanced legal protections for couples. With evolving legislation, there is a growing recognition of the rights and responsibilities associated with court marriages. This includes provisions for spousal support, property rights, and child custody. As these legal protections strengthen, court marriages will provide couples with greater security and peace of mind.

About Rushi Marriage Consultancy

Rushi Marriage Consultancy is a Marriage Counselling, Consultant, and Court Marriage Service Agency located in and operating from Thane, Maharashtra. Since the last 20 years, we have been helping individuals find their ideal Wedding / Marital Ceremony match, through taking into consideration all customizability and cultural needs that people come in with. We provide a number of services at our firm, one of which is One Day Marriage Registration in Thane.

Why choose to hire a Court Marriage Consultancy?

When you set out to perform a One Day Marriage Registration in Thane, without any prior knowledge of how the procedures operate, there are tons of people who sit there ready to charge you excessive amounts for the work that can be done within a lot less. And, because it is a person-to-person job you are paying for, there is no guarantee if your registration will get done within a day’s time.
However, when you choose to get the same service package from a well-known and certified Marriage Consultancy like ours, we offer you dedicated expertise and professional help right from the application process to the attainment of the marriage certificate, hassle-free. We also ensure that your One Day Marriage Registration in Thane gets completed within the promised time-limit, without any hidden or extra charges.
Rushi Marriage Consultancy has been an established consultants in helping people with the Registration of One Day Marriage Registration in Thane. When performed in a religious solemnized way performing all or most of the rituals, it can be really hectic and messy for the pair getting married, as well as for the family members involved.
Even in the case of court marriage, there is a long procedure that needs to be followed prior to the wedding, and that too needs the help of professionals and contacts. In both the cases, that is right wherever we step in.
We, at Rushi Marriage Consultancy, help you skip the hassle and stress and get the arrangements done for One Day Marriage Registration in Thane. We work effectively for you and the convenience of your family. By doing so, you can enjoy the One Special Day of your life that you have been waiting for.

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Here is what our service portfolio looks like: -
• Court Marriage in Thane
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• Urgent Court Marriage in Thane
• One Day Marriage Registration in Thane
• Marriage Certificate Procurement in Thane
One Day Marriage Registration in Thane, stands as one of our most highly chosen services from the lot! The results? Extremely well-trained professionals who know their way into the urgency of the situation, getting the procedures and documentation set in right for you.
We have been helping couples unite into the sacred bond of Marriage for over 20 years now. When you come to us with a service requirement, know that there isn’t a solution we do not have in store for you. With Rushi Marriage Consultancy, now be ready to get all your requirements fulfilled for your Court Marriage ceremony in Thane.

We are known for our Quick Services:

We know that in this world where everyone has a busy lifestyle, you are investing your precious time to obtain a legal document that will certify you as married. We respect you, your needs, your time and efforts. Thus, we help you get your One Day Marriage Registration in Thane as quickly as possible.
The processing time for the certificate is usually quick. In case the One Day Marriage Registration in Thane is done under the Hindu Marriage Act, it is done within 25 days of the registration period. For those married and registered under the Special Marriage Act, the processing time for the Certificate is within 60 days of the registration procedure.
As the processing of the certificate after your marriage gets registered, it sure does take a long time, this is exactly when you would definitely want to quicken the tedious and time taking process of registration. And if that is what you are looking for, we welcome you to Rushi Marriage Consultancy. We will help you with One Day Marriage Registration in Thane.
We hope you consider us to be worthy enough for your Service and thus we await your presence at Rushi Marriage Consultancy. If you’re looking for One Day Marriage Registration in Thane then we’re the one for you!

Looking forward to making your dream wedding really Dream-like!

Special Marriage in Thane

What is Special Marriage?

In India, when two individuals decide to get marriage through the Court Marriage or Register Marriage procedure, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or follower of any other religion, if they are citizens of India and fall under the eligibility criteria, their marriage is performed under the Special Marriage Act.
Here at, Rushi Marriage Consultancy we take care of all the legal and ceremonious aspects of this new phase of life you are preparing yourself to enter in. Special Marriage in Thane is one of our top-rated services.

Eligibility Criteria

Special Marriage as a concept was first introduced by the Indian Government in the year 1954. Under the Special Marriage Act of 1954, the following terms describe the eligibility criteria for the two partners involved in the marital ceremony.
• Citizenship: Both parties—the bride and the groom should be citizens of India who are capable of giving valid consent to the act of marriage.
• Singlehood: Neither party—either the bride or groom should have a spouse living before getting married to one another.
• Mental Well-being: Both parties should be in possession of a completely same mind.
• Age: The female should be above eighteen years of age and the male above twenty-one.
• Timeline: the marriage needs to be solemnized within thirty days of the ceremony of marriage.
• Notice/Application Period: the notice for marriage is to be given by either party at least thirty days prior to the ceremony to the Marriage Officer of the district.

At Rushi Marriage Consultancy we make this process a hassle-free engagement for you, your partner, and both the families involved. We are a team of Maharashtra’s most loved service professionals in the domain of Marriage Consultancy services. And have been reviewed as one of the only few Marriage Consultancies to offer Special Marriage in Thane services without any hassle at a cost-effective and budget-friendly package value.

How is it different from Court Marriage?

Special Marriage Act is the Act through which the solemnization of marriages takes place in the Indian court of Law. It is not different from a court marriage or a register marriage ceremony, it is just that it allows multiple cultures and communities to perform their marriage under this Act through the Indian law proceedings.
For example, this can be seen in opposition to the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955, which allows two Hindu individuals to be married merely by following the rites and rituals of the Hindu religious marital ceremony. In the marriages governed by the Hindu Marriage Act, it is not necessary for individuals to follow it up with Court Marriage Registration. However, for those getting married under the Special Marriage Act, Court Marriage Registration is the primary way in which marriages are solemnised under the Indian court of law.

Court Marriage vs Traditional Marriage

Legal Validity

A court marriage is legally valid and recognized in India under the Special Marriage Act, 1954. It provides the same legal rights as a traditional marriage with respect to inheritance of property and custody of children. Since it is solemnized in the presence of a marriage registrar and two witnesses, a court marriage does not require any religious ceremonies to be performed.

Less Lavish

Compared to a traditional Indian wedding which can span several days of celebrations, a court marriage is a simple civil ceremony. It does not involve any religious rituals, extravagant decorations or a large gathering of friends and family. The basic requirements are the bride, groom and two witnesses along with some nominal paperwork. This makes court marriages a more affordable and practical option for those looking to avoid a lavish wedding.

Inter-Religion and Inter-Caste

Court marriages are not bound by religious or caste restrictions. They provide a means for inter-religion and inter-caste couples to legally solemnize their marriage. As court marriages are secular in nature, individuals from different faiths and castes can marry under the Special Marriage Act. This allows couples to overcome social barriers and marry the person of their choice.
In summary, a court marriage offers several benefits over a traditional marriage such as legal validity, lower costs and the freedom to marry outside of religious and caste norms. For couples looking to avoid an extravagant wedding or facing social restrictions, a court marriage can be a simple yet meaningful way to start their new life together.

Marriage Counselling

Pre-Marriage Counselling

Before your court marriage in Thane, you and your partner are required to attend pre-marriage counselling. This is mandatory as per the Marriage Act. The counselling aims to prepare you for married life by discussing important relationship topics.
You will need to register for counselling at an authorized centre, non-profit organization or counselling practice in Thane. During the one to three counselling sessions, a certified counsellor will cover essential areas like:

• Communication and conflict resolution - Learning effective ways to share feelings, resolve arguments and find compromise.
• Financial management - Discussing how to budget, save, invest and manage household expenses together.
• Responsibilities and expectations - Clarifying each other's needs, priorities and visions for the future. Making sure you have realistic expectations of marriage and each other.
• Intimacy and sexuality - Talking openly about your intimacy needs and how to maintain a healthy sex life.
• Children and family planning - Determining if you want to have children, how many, and how you will raise them. Discussing each other's parenting styles and family values.
The counsellor will evaluate your readiness for marriage based on your understanding and attitudes in these areas. At the end of the counselling, you will receive a certificate to submit to the court as proof of completing this mandatory step.
Pre-marriage counselling is intended to strengthen your relationship and prepare you for the challenges of married life. Approach it with an open mind and use it as an opportunity to gain useful advice and insights into having a healthy, long-lasting marriage. With the right mind-set, pre-marriage counselling in Thane can set you up for success and wedded bliss.

How do we at Rushi Marriage Consultancy, step in the Process?

We at Rushi Marriage Consultancy, have an entire team of lawyers who are highly professional and skilled individuals to fix all your needs and give that legal authoritative face to your marriage solemnizing it through the Special Marriage in Thane, which is one of the services we provide at our consultancy.
Getting to know all about the prospects of the Special Marriage act, the terms and regulations, the procedure, the Do’s and the Don’ts could get a little overwhelming for you and you might not know just how to get it all done.
It is right there where we step in. Our team at Rushi Marriage Consultancy is one of the prominent service providers for Special Marriage in Thane and we will get your all needs covered here.

What is the Procedure of a Special Marriage in Thane?

The procedure of a Special Marriage in Thane is the same as that of the Court Marriage Procedure in Thane. This includes:

Document Verification
Contacting a Marriage Registrar
Application of Intended Marriage in the Indian Court of Law
30-day waiting period before approval of application.
During the waiting period: Taking consent of three individuals who are willing to stand as signatory witnesses during the solemnization of your Special Marriage in Thane.
Post Application Approval: Deciding on a date for the solemnization of marriage within a 90-day period from the date of Application of Intended Marriage.
Conveying this date to the Registrar of Marriage/checking for date availability in the court through the Registrar.
Solemnization of Marriage on the decided date in the Marriage Registrar’s office, under the consent of the bride and groom, in the presence of 3 attending signatory witnesses.
Alongside the legal ceremony, the court allows for certain rituals like the exchange rings and garlands after the registration is complete. (Optional) This completes the solemnization of Special Marriage in Thane Procedure, and your marriage then stands registered under the Special Marriage Act of 1954.
Procurement of marriage certificate is the last step in the completion of your Marriage Registration as per the guidelines of the Special Marriage in Thane Procedure. (Can be obtained within about a week from the office of the Marriage Registrar, after the solemnization of your marriage in the Indian court of law.)

Why Choose Us?

There are some difficulties and obstructions that may come in your path if you are not well acquainted with the Do’s and Don’ts, procedures, regulations, and all of the terms and conditions regarding the ceremony, registration and solemnization of a special marriage.
Some of the hindrances in your path can be time miscalculations for applications, procedures and documentation because of the lack of knowledge, experience and information about the handling and working of court procedures.
There’s a certain duration, a period of time for which you need to wait before the registration procedure and if you do not apply at the right time as per your plans, things can go haywire for you. A lot of things such as these can become problematic for you.
All of this can get really very overwhelming and troublesome for anyone who is not used to the legal formalities and environment. That is just why we ask you to consider us and our service of Special Marriage in Thane through which we can help shape your dream marriage into reality.
At Rushi Marriage Consultancy, we eliminate all the hassle that might go into the process, and help you enjoy the ceremony while we take care of the rest.